Team work in Raising Compassionate Children


Welcome to the last weekend in our Parenting weekend and the last one for the year 2015. Time seemed to fly by this year.

Today we continue to discuss the topic “How to Raise Compassionate Children”. If you missed any of the posts for the month you can view them here. You can also view all of the posts for our Parenting Weekends here.


I asked my husband this question “How can we as parents work together to raise compassionate children?” Here is a bit of our discussion:

Husband: We must set the example of compassion. We must be united as parents for the children. One parent cannot do one thing while the other does something else.

But ultimately we must have an understanding of what compassion is.

Me: So, what is compassion?

Husband: Seeing a need in fellow men and having a desire to help.

Me: I agree. To me it also includes not just a need but recognizing people’s pain and suffering and wanting to help relieve it.

So as parents how can we together convey compassion?

Husband: We must knowGod in order to show compassion. When we show that self sacrificing love then we are able to sacrifice for others without that rigidness that you can sometimes get from people who are helping as part of a job. Compassion is not a job, it not an obligation.

Me: Yes. I totally agree with you. Compassion is nothing that can be worked up. It is something that springs from the heart. 

I think that in order to be truly compassionate we need to view everyone as valuable.

Husband: How do we do that?

If we don’t know how to do that then we can’t show our children the way.

Me: We have to love others. And you know we really can’t love others in ourselves- at least not that self sacrificing love.

To really be compassionate we have to know God.

It is not a list of things we can do to raise compassionate children it is a lifestyle.

Husband: We have to live it. If our children see hypocracy in us, all the best plans we have laid out would be worthless. If we say we are compassionate but live otherwise behind closed doors then how can we  raise compassionate children? If I am not compassionate to you or to them, whdt are they going to learn?

The best and only way for us to have compassionate children is for us to live compassionate lives.

Matthew 9:36 NASB
Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and [c]dispirited like sheep [d]without a shepherd.

Jesus is the compassionate Saviour. When we live like Jesus did then we will be compassionate as well, and in turn show our children how to be compassionate.

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