January Prayer Month

prayer is the key

Some things have been weighing on my heart for a while now. One of those things is homeschooling and how we are to proceed. Another thing that has been on my heart is our family and how we are raising our children and the examples that we are leaving.

With two of these things weighing on my heart, I have decided to dedicate the month of January to prayer. This means that the Parenting Weekends will be on hold for January as I commit my family and our homeschool journey in prayer to God for His guidance.

I believe in the power of prayer and committing our families and lives to God through prayer. Prayer does change things. This doesn’t mean that when we pray events are miraculously changed (although sometimes that does happen) but it definitely changes our outlook on things and it changes us!

So beginning Sunday, 10 January 2015 I will be sharing some old posts on praying for our families and some scriptures, inspirational quotes and music.

Join me each day in prayer for our family and our futures under God.


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