Dedicated to God

dedicated to God

For a long time I was amazed by Hannah. She was barren and she prayed for a child. When she got that child, that most precious gift from God, what did she do? She gave him back to God!

I cannot imaginefinally having a child after so many years of not being able to have any and then giving him away.

That was faith.

Hannah knew that this was the better life. She loved her son so much that she chose to give him the beter life, which was a lifge dedicated to God. She knew that even if she could give him everything that this life could offer, she still would not have given him all. The best gift that she could give to her son was to give him a life dedicated to God.

Today, let us like Hannah, dedicate our children to God. Let us give them the best gift, which is to know God.

Father, today we dedicate our children to you. Like Hannah, we recognize that a life committed to you is the best life. We love our children and we love You. We are certain that You will take the best care of them, not only in this life, but in the life to come. And so Lord, we return our children to You. Take them and use them to bring others to you as well. Amen

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