Love is not Selfish

Love is not selfish.

When we see parents thinking about themselves, most, if not all of us, stand amazed. When we see husbands and wives being selfish to each other, we declare that this is not what love is.


Indeed when we really see this, we will stop living for ourselves.

If we truly love our family then we will give the best to them. The best that we have is God. When we live for Him and reflect His character to our family, then and only then are we living selflessly towards our family.


Dear Lord, I have been selfish and not thought of giving the best to my family. I have though about my wants and desires instead of truly loving my family. Thank You that You love me with that selfless love so that I can learn what it means to love other the same way. Fill me with that selfless love so that I will love my family that way. Amen.

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