A Home Filled with Love invites Others



When love is in the home others will be drawn to thst home because it will be a place of peace, a place of selflessness, a place where each one is valued.

When a husband and wife know who God is then they will k ow what love is. When they love each other they will create an atmosphere where love will always be present.

People thrive in an environment like this. Children blossom and bloom. Spouses Confidently face life’s challenges. Others, are drawn to this home because of the love that is there.

Oh may we all have love in our homes, so that our homes will be a place where people want to be.

Give us Your love Lord, that it may fill our homes. Help this love to grow and blossom and draw others to it. Help not only our children to love being in our home, but help us to show that love to others so that they will know Your love from our families. Amen.

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