Be the Way you Want Your Family to Be

Sometimes we underestimate the power of example and influence.

Influence and example can shape a person’s life so much- just look at the effect of music, television, fashion.

Naturally everyone is sinful. This is what happened when Adam sinned- he passed the sinful nature on to his children. Our families are sinful, including those little babies in arms.

We cannot change our physical natures, but we can give our hearts to God and have a new spiritual life! Then we will live a positive example and have a positive influence on our families and all around us.

If we want families where there is compassion, let us live compassionate lives.

If we want families where there is love, let us show love to others.

If we want families that are selfless let us live selfless lives.


When God is in control of us, our example and influence will be positive. When God is in control, though nature has lead to sinful humanity our surrendered lives can point others to the Sinless One who will change us and make us like Him.

Lord I pray that You will make me what you will have me to be. Lord, take control of my life so that I may be the difference in my family. Help me to show love, kindness, compassion, selflessness. Help me to have a positive influence in my family so that You can use me to show them a life when You reign. Amen

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