Prayer for Mothers

I believe that I am right in saying that mothers are held to a high standard for raising children. If a child has no manners you hear the comment “Didn’t your mother raise you right?” If the child looks unkempt, they are asked “Didn’t your mother see how you left the house today?”

At first I thought, “Boy do mothers get a bad rap for everything!”

Now it has hit me, mothers are called to a special work of raising their children, and irregardless of people’s religion, ethnicity, culture, gender we all recognize a special work and influence mothers have over chIldren.

As Christian mothers in these times, we are called to such a high standard that in ourselves we would not be able to meet. Thinking about the positive influence that I must have over my children is overwhelming at best. But I thank God that this is not a work I have to do alone.


In fact, this is a work that God can do through me if I let Him. Oh how I long to train my children to stand for God, even if they have to stand alone. I long to raise my children to be loving, compassionate, gentle, firm and bold. I long to raise them to be a source of truth and light instead of being the sources of pain. This task is not impossible. I am encourage by the examples of mothers of old- by Hannah, Moses’ mother, Mary, Lois, Eunice, the Proverbs 31 woman. But more importantly I am encouraged to know that the God who has called mothers to this work of training their children will equip the us to do it.

Dear God, I uplift mothers today before You. Often, many of us have become discouraged at this task set before us. Sometimes we see our children not responding and we feel like all that we have done has been in vain. Sometimes we look at all of our shortcomings and think that we cannot raise our children for You. Help us to see that You have called us to this task and You have given us the strength in Jesus to do this.

Oh God, I pray that we will bring our children before you day by day in prayer. I pray that we will live lives that point them to You. I pray that we will not become discouraged but encouraged in You. You have promised that if we train our children for You that they will not depart when they are old. It is be used of Your faithfulness that we have confidence that our work will not be in vain. Guide all of us mothers who might not know which way to go in our parenting journey. Help Christian mothers to be available to encourage and build up other mothers who might be having a difficult time. Strengthen us all as we raise these children for You I pray. Amen.

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