God Never Gives Up on Us


The children and I are taking a journey through the bible. We begun last January and are taking our time looking at the various bible stories in chronological order.

It is amazing what you learn when you stop reading the old testiment as bible stories and you get deeper into the stories themselves. Right now we are looking at Abraham and Sarah. We have reached the point when the Lord  and 2 angels have come to them and told them that Sarah will bare a son named Isaach. Now at this time Abraham was 99 years old.

When God first told Abraham of the promise to be the father of many nations in Genesis 12:1-3, Abraham was 75 years old.

Again in Genesis 15:1-5 God told Abraham that he would have a son. In Genesis 16 Abraham and Sarah still did not get the promised son and they decided to work it out themselves. At 86 years old, 11 long years after God first gave the promise and now Abraham and Sarah had “worked out” the promise on their own. Abraham and Sarah devised a plan for Abraham to get a son from Sarah’s servant Hagar. Hagar conceived and did get a son but this was not the son of promise.

At 99 years old, 24 years after God had first given Abraham the promise of a son, God had again returned to give Abraham the assurance of the promise of a son. As a sign of the promise Abraham’s name was changed from Abram to Abraham and his wife Sarai’s name was changed to Sarah, and the rite of circumcision was performed.

Still after this, God came down to Abraham one day, along with 2 others, and gave him the promise that Sarah would have a son the following year.

Twenty-five years after giving them the promise, four times recorded of coming to them and telling them of the promise, and at last their faith had finally reach the point where the promise could be realized.

God didn’t give up on them when they didn’t have the faith to accept the promise. God didn’t give up on them when they tried to do things themselves and not trust in Him. God didn’t give up on them when they made horrible mistakes and made wrong decisions. Oh no! God kept coming after them! He spoke to Abraham in visions and finally, He came down to his tent and talked to him.

God doesn’t give up on us either.

No matter how long we have taken to accept the promise that He will come in and cleanse us and make us new, He still never gives up on us.

He speaks to us through many avenues. He uses nature, people, good situations and bad situations to speak to us. He comes to us in our weak times, in our ‘strong’ times, in times of health and times of illness.

God never gives up on us!

Like with Abraham, He will not hold our past failures against us. The record in Hebrews 11:11 is not of Abraham being a doubtful man. That was his past. The record is that Abraham was a man of faith!

No matter how ‘colourful’ our past has been, when we trust in God, the record only shows who we presently are in Christ!

Thank you Jesus that Your blood washes away all our sins!


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