Jesus played every Yorker

It’s cricket time. Last Sunday I went to collect something from a friend and her entire neighbourhood was quiet, except for the sound of televisions. It seems like every person was glued to the television watching 20/2o World Cup Cricket.

I remember watching cricket with my grandmother. Now that I have gotten older, and we have no television in our home, watching cricket has waned. But it is still a very lovely game.

I especially remember those bowlers that would cause the batsmen to tremble in fear. Then before the batsmen could settle into the crease properly, the bowler would bowl a yorker and their stumps would go flying in the air.

Satan is that feared bowler. When he stood face to face with Adam, Adam failed. Satan threw a yorker and Adam’s stumps went flying. All humanity has been yorked in the first Adam.

But….and oh what a blissful but that is. But, God sent in His star batsman. More than 2 thousand years ago, at Calvary, Jesus stood face to face with Satan. For 33.5 years Jesus had been knocking all the balls that the evil ones threw at Him.

In one final attempt, the host of darkness gathered the best weapon that they had. They would york the middle stump right out from behind Jesus.

There Jesus stood- the entire universe watching. The ball was bowled. It was a perfect yorker. Jesus faced that ball, lifted His bat high in the air.


Not only did He face it, but He knocked all that the hosts of darkness brought against Him. He knocked that yorker straight out of the park!

All of us can be on Jesus’s team, which is a winning team. The best weapon that Satan has is a yorker.

Jesus knocks yorkers for six each and every time. They are no match for Him. But not only does He do it, but all of His children can too!

In the Second Adam we all are victorious.

In the second Adam we all can knock any yorker that is thrown our way for six. And when all of God’s children have successfully faced those yorkers, then Jesus’ team will finally be declared victorious and sin and death will be no more.


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