Prayer for Surgery

praying man

Today I am posting a prayer request for a dear lady named Melissa. Mellisa has been fighting cancer and now she had come to another point in her treatment. She has a mastectomy scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:15a.m. As you could imagine she is nervous.


She has requested prayers for tomorrow.

There is power in prayer.

Please uplift Melissa and her family in prayer.

Pray for her peace and assurance of God’s presence with her.

Pray for the medical personelle to give her the best care possible.

Update (21 April 2016)

Melissa had a successful surgery and was able to go home the next day. Of course she still needs all our prayers for her speedy recovery and her health.


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4 Responses to Prayer for Surgery

  1. Lisa says:

    shared prayer request on facebook tonight

    God is big and amazing. I pray peace for this sweet lady and God comfort.

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