We have a Mission

Recently our homeschool group got to meet a missionary family- a husband and wife team. It was inspiring and exciting to meet someone who has gone to remote places to share God’s love and hope to those who have not heard it.

The children listened attentively to the stories of some of their experiences, we all did.

I am sure that we all left there being a bit more inspired to share God’s word with others.

We all have a mission. We might not get to go to remote places and share that work. But we all have a mission. Some of us will only ever witness within our small community. Some of us might reach places we wouldn’t dream of being able to go through blogs, our music, our books.

Some of us will share the message of salvation through our words. But most importantly, we will share it through our lives.

We all have a mission. Let us ask God to help us to be missionaries wherever we are in how ever big or small way we can.

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