Blessed When We Pray for Others

The book of Job tells the story of Job’s suffering at the hand of Satan. Job lost everything- ALL of his possessions, ALL of his children and then he became ill.

Job’s friends came to visit him and they accused him of being a great sinner and this was the reason why he had gotten punished. But Job maintained that he had not done anything wrong.

Then in chapter 42, the bible tells us something important:

Job prayed for his friends.

Can you imagine that in the midst of his tremendous suffering, he thought of others and prayed for them?

What a tremendous heart of love Job had! He still longed for his friends to know and feel God’s love and to be protected. He had their physical and spiritual well-being in mind even though he was suffering.

He prayed for them.

When he turned his eyes from his suffering and prayed for them, he was blessed.


Suffering comes to us all. Satan knows that when we turn our eyes to ourself we miss the blessings that God has in store for us. But when we turn our eyes to God and work in His service we are blessed.

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