Do We Expect More from People than We Do of God?


A woman and a man are in a relationship. The man says that he loves the woman and wants her to do everything that he says, because he is telling her the right thing to do.

But the woman doesn’t do everything the man tells her to do. She makes her own choice, including ones that go against what the man has told her to do.

The man kills the woman. When asked why, he responded by saying, “I love her and wanted her to choose the right way. But, she just wouldn’t listen to what I was telling her. So, I killed her.”

Is this a picture of love?

Our response to this situation would be that the man doesn’t have an understanding of love. How could he have really loved her, if he killed her because she chose to do something other than what he said?

We all know that love doesn’t hurt people. If that man loved that woman, he wouldn’t have hurt her.

How is it with God?

Will He hurt us if we don’t follow what He has said? 

Do we expect more from man than we do of God?

~ Love worketh no ill to it’s neighbour…Romans 13:10

~ Love is patient and kind 1 Corinthians 13

~ Love gives all John 3:16

~ Loves give all to its enemies Romans 5:7, 8

~ God is love 1 John 4:8

If God is love, and not just has love, can He hurt us?

If God is love, will he force us?

If God is love, will He kill us even when we choose not to follow Him?

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