Homeschool Adventures- Simple Machines

I haven’t posted in a while about our homeschool adventures in this side of the world.

We have been having a lot of fun  and excitement, plus doing a lot of learning.

Since the year began, I have changed our schedule and my way of doing things about 4 times. We have finally settled on two days of doing a more formal set up at home and three days learning while out and about.

Currently our studies have brought us to studying simple machines.

The children used legos (one of their favourite pastimes) to make a pulley and a lever.

img_3936 img_3954

They are currently researching the wedge and planning a presentation to make to Daddy. They want to make colouring pages for him to do, along with letting him watch a short video on the wedge. They also plan to show him examples of wedges from around our home.

They are extremely excited to do this presentation. They like the topic as it encompasses not only science, but we also look at the history aspect. They like learning about how people lived hundreds of years ago.

I also think that their excitement for the presentation also come from the fact that they are in charge. I am the scribe for their ideas right now. Occasionally I will give input on some of their plans, but it is largely only their ideas.

I am looking forward to their first presentation. I am sure that it will be great.

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