What’s does Sin Do? Week 1 Day 3


Welcome to Week 1 Day 3 of this study ‘He came a from Heaven to Earth’. If you have not gotten your Study plan or Study Guide be sure to get them here and here.

Don’t forget to join us Monday to Friday until 23 December for this study. If you have missed any of the posts, you can still get them but visiting the study page here.

I remember that I focused on the fact that sin was breaking God’s law. So, just like any ‘good christian’ I tried to work to keep God’s law. Talk about being like the young man who came to Jesus asking what he might do to have eternal life. You see I only was looking at the fact that a law was broken, but never really looked at what happens when that law is broken.

Sin is malignant. It is toxic and destructive.

When we sin, we are separated from God. This separation is not just one of distance like family that has moved to a different country. This separation is more than that. This separation is from the life and love and harmony that God gives.

When we separate from the source of life and peace and righteousness, there is no getting back for us on our own.

I remember recently seeing pictures of the earthquake that struck New Zealand. There was a picture of three cows stranded on a raised piece of land, while all of the other land had fallen away as a result of the devastation from the earthquake. They couldn’t get down. They were stuck out there by themselves without a hope of getting back on our own.

We are like those cows.

Sin caused a separation from God and we were left stranded out in sin, without a hope of getting back.

This is what sin does and this is why it is so terrible- because it separates us completely from God.

But we know that the story didn’t end here. We aren’t simply just left out in the middle of no where, cutoff because of sin. We have a Rescuer and that Rescuer is Jesus.

We need to see the damage that sin has done, so that we can more fully understand how much it cost to rescue us from sin.

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