Where Did Sin Come From? Week 1 Day 4


Welcome to Week 1 Day 4 of this study ‘He came a from Heaven to Earth’. If you have not gotten your Study plan or Study Guide be sure to get them here and here

Don’t forget to join us Monday to Friday until 23 December for this study. If you have missed any of the posts click here to be taking to the study page here.

When we see the horrible results that sin causes I am sure that we all ask “Why?” Why is there so much suffering and pain in this world? We could list so much horrible things that happen around us, and maybe even to us.

But it was not always so.

There was a time when there was no pain, or suffering or death. There was a time when there was perfect peace, harmony and love in the universe.

But then, sin came in. The highest angel tried to exalt himself above God and sinned.

It is hard for me to conceive that in the midst of such love one could sin. But this could happen because of the freedom that angels and mankind enjoy.

Love can’t be forced. If it is forced it isn’t love.

To have creatures that couldn’t love you back…

Just thinking about living in a family with someone who didn’t love me back seems so sad.

God made angels that were free. Lucifer, one of those angels, chose another way. He chose they way of self exaltation and sinned.

And so, the once perfect love and peace that was found in heaven, was blackened by sin.

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