God Created a Perfect World Week 2 Day 1


Welcome to Week 2 Day 1 of this study ‘He came from Heaven to Earth’. If you have not gotten your Study plan or Study Guide be sure to get them here and here.

Don’t forget to join us Monday to Friday until 23 December for this study. If you have missed any of the posts, you can still get them but visiting the study page here.




After the fall of Lucifer, now Satan, and 1/3 of the angels, God created this world.

Everything that God had made was perfect.

There was no blight, no thorns or thistles, no pests. There were no heat waves or winter storms, no floods or droughts. There were no tsunamis or earthquakes. Everything that God had made was perfect.


This is quite unlike the world in which we live today. Every days it seems like things are getting worse. When I was younger, and that was just a few years ago, there weren’t so much of these diseases that are prevalent now. You didn’t hear of such disasters that are becoming common place. Things seemed better back then.

Well, back when the world was created things weren’t just better than they are now. Things were perfect! Perfect light, perfect air, perfect plant’s, perfect sun, moon and stars. The birds, fish and animals were also perfect. Added to that perfection, God created mankind to rule over creation- a perfect man and a perfect woman.

Then on the seventh day, God rested from His perfect work of creating our world. When we study this imperfect world, there are so many things that leave us in amazement. Can you imagine how these things were when they stood there in perfection?

Every week when we come to the seventh day, let us turn our thoughts to the creation week, when God created a perfect world. Let us remember our Creator who made mankind perfect and let us stand in awe of Him.

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