Jesus Stepped in Week 2 Day 4


Welcome to Day 4 in our second week of our study ‘He Came from Heaven to Earth’.

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When Adam sinned and sold the human race over to the devil, the devil must have rejoiced that he had gotten man to sin too. At first glance, it would have appeared as though man had been plunged into a hopeless situation. Death was the consequence and there was nothing man could do about it on his own.

But, a great plan was immoderately put into effect. That plan was the salvation of humanity.

In business, you have to make plans so that you would be able to respond properly to any eventuality.

Jesus was the great planner. He knows all things, and therefore nothing catches Him by surprise. He didn’t have to guess that man would sin. He knew. And with that knowledge He made the best and only plan He could- that He would pay the price for man.

A payment had to be made and that involved Christ becoming the sacrifice for mankind.

Jeus was the ‘Lamb slain from the foundation of the world’. You see, He always was our Saviour. He always planned to save man from sin.

And when man sinned, that Plan of Salvation that was always in the mind of God, came into effect.

That is love.

God is love.

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