This isn’t how it was supposed to be


Today our church was plunged into mourning with the passing of a dear sister. It was so sudden. Death is always sudden, no matter how much time you have to prepare. My heart breaks for the family and those who were close to her or deeply affected by her passing.

When death comes to those we love, sometimes we question why this could happen to us. Even in the midst of our faith in God, we still ask, “Why this and why now?”

We cannot see through the eyes of God and so many questions will go unanswered in this life. But,  one thing we know for sure is that this isn’t how life was supposed to be.

This world with sin and and suffering and death isn’t how God wanted it to be.

God made a perfect, sinless world. There was only happiness as the whole creation obeyed the Creator. This is what God intended for us to experience.

But, Adam sinned and death entered our world.

I cannot imagine how the heart of God must have been broken when sin entered this world. As I sit and think about the brokenness that the family must be experiencing, I also think about the pain that sin has caused God. The perfect creation that He had made was blackened by sin and suffering and death was the result. My mind cannot comprehend this, nor can it stretch to understand what eternity is and how God could have known about it all from all eternity and that He made an eternal plan to save us from sin.

My finite mind cannot begin to understand all of this. But I hold to the hope that one day sin will be no more. One day there will be that eternal dawning when sin would have ended and there will be happiness and love forever more.

Oh let us look forward to that day, for we shall see loved ones who have passed away. We shall see a new earth where there will be no more tears, suffering or death. 

This is how God intended the world to be and one day at last, it will come to pass.

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4 Responses to This isn’t how it was supposed to be

  1. Gayle Price says:

    Death is an intruder and it separates us from God and our loved ones, when death comes knocking and it will, that is the time we pray even harder for strength to get thru the pain, guidance not to question why and patience to know in the sweet by and by God will make all things clear… In that great getting up morning fair thee well, fair thee well, Ride on King Jesus! We know all this is easier to say when it is not us experiencing the situation but that is the time we Hold Fast, as we pray for the family, may they hold together and not allow the enemy, the father of sin and death use this to separate them from the love of God, God indeed feels our pain…look to the cross 🙏🏾

  2. arthurwhitt says:

    I have experienced death of a loved one, my wife. I know of the heartache and the loneliness that is involved when my wife passed away with pancreatic cancer. Knowing The Plan of Salvation, which is God’s plan for each of us made my Wife’s passing much easier for me. I want to share this plan with you.

    Because of my belief that I am married to my wife Helen, not only for this life but for all eternity makes her death just a going away to another place and she will come for me when it is my turn to complete my mission here on this earth and we can be together as Husband and Wife again.

    • I am so sorry to hear of your wife’s passing. Death is such a hurtful thing that steals us of time and experiences with our loved ones. Praise God for the hope that He has given to us of a life after death.
      I do not believe in marriage in heaven, as the Bible states this in Matthew 22:30

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