Ordinary People of Faith


I was recently thinking about all of those men and women of faith that are mentioned in Hebrews 11. I marvel at their faith in God. I remember always thinking about these people were special men and women. I mean, they must have been pretty special to have such a faith.

But while thinking about these men and women, I realized that they weren’t any more special than you and I are today. They weren’t super human people who had a faith that was limited to them and their time.

These people were ordinary people.

They were farmers and shepherds, virgin girls and striplings for boys. They were old and grey-haired people, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters.

Nothing made them stand out as above the ordinary except for this one thing:

They had faith in God.

As I reflected on these people I realized that we all can have that same faith, we all can claim God at His word no matter who we are.

These men and women weren’t born to some spiritual privilege. They weren’t born with special faith. They were like you and me. Yet, these men and women had faith.

As we read about how the Red Sea parted, of how Sarah conceived Isaac in her old age, or how Enoch was translated, let us remember that these mighty men and women of faith were ordinary people. What made them extraordinary was the fact that they had faith in God and allowed Him to transform them.


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