Faith Through a Difficult Pregnancy

Today’s you will find me blogging at Chaotic Life of Lauren where I will be sharing a post about the difficulties that surrounded the pregnancy and birth of my daughters.

Faith Through a Difficult Pregnancy

A Difficult Pregnancy

Almost 5 years ago I found myself in hospital facing an emergency c-section after an extremely difficult pregnancy marked with horrible hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). Not only was my pregnancy extremely difficult because of that, but my baby’s heart rate kept fluctuating. I had to get weekly ultrasounds and non-stress tests.

At one of my ultrasounds the doctor came and asked how we were doing. My son had been born with enlarged kidneys, so I was worried about this.

A Timely Message and Miracle

This doctor was a Christian and knew that I was one as well. He told me that he did not want to check my baby’s kidneys, because I was a child of the King of the universe. He told me that if I believe and asked God that He could heal my baby’s kidneys if they were enlarged.

I needed to hear that message.

My husband and I had been that road before. We had faced the ‘not compatible with life’ diagnosis when I was pregnant with my son. At seven weeks of life, we faced him being in the PICU for three days with a severe bladder infection. God had answered our prayers back then. We now had a happy, healthy almost two-year old, yet I was there doubting God.


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