The Battle is the Lord’s


A while ago I found myself engaged in an online discussion that quickly turned into a debate. I entered into the discussion because people were suggesting that God treated people one way based on some characteristic. This lead some to feel very discouraged and disheartened at the thought that God would love one person differently because of some characteristic.

After seeing how discouraged some were, I entered the discussion to show that God doesn’t love us based on our gender, race, nationality, wealth or any other thing.

But, the discussion soon turned into a debate and I found myself using logic and reasoning instead of stating the truth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with logic and reasoning, but the problem was that I had begun to debate using these things instead of allowing God to lead me in a discussion.

After some time it hit me,

The battle is not yours, it is the Lord’s

Sometimes in our zeal to spread the truth, we end up taking up the work as our own instead of realizing that God wants to use us, instead of us fighting the battle in our own strength.

Sometimes, standing up for God’s cause means speaking up against some wrong thing. Sometimes it also means being silent. But, at all times, standing up for God means living for Him.


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2 Responses to The Battle is the Lord’s

  1. Arthur Whittaker says:

    Here are scriptures to show that God is not a respector of persons. “God Is No Respecter of Persons”. Acts 10:34–35. Acts 15:7–11.

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