Recently I answered a question posed. The question was simply “What is grace.”

This was the response that I gave:

Grace is getting better than you deserve.

It isn’t just pardoning you for what you have done, but grace is more than forgiveness.

When I have wronged someone, grace isn’t just forgiving me for my wrong. Grace draws, befriends, restores, builds up, suffers long and loves…

God showed His grace to us when we sinned. We hurt Him by choosing to go our own way into destruction. We hurt Him by being responsible for the death of His Son. We hurt Him by rejecting Him, by hurting others, by misrepresenting Him…

Yet, His grace is shown to us each day.

The rain falling on the earth- God’s grace

Flowers blooming in the golden sunshine- God’s grace

A new day- God’s grace.

If it wasn’t for God’s grace we wouldn’t be here, let alone enjoying anything that is good.

Were it not for God’s grace, where would we be?

God’s grace sought sinners. God’s grace didn’t leave us to die.

“By grace are ye saved…”

We deserved death when we sinned. God gave His grace to us instead.

Did we deserve it? No. the penalty for sin was death.

But, Jesus stepped in and took our place.

This is eternally better than we deserve!

God didn’t just say, “I saved you from sin so choose me now or choose something else.”

God comes after us, He draws us, He comforts us, He blesses us, He loves so us.

You see grace doesn’t just stop at saying “I forgive you.” Grace reaches out to restore and indeed make better than it was before. Such a marvelous thing about grace!

Through grace God sought to bring us back into a perfect relationship with Him.  Grace broke down that “middle wall of partition” between man and God (Ephesians 2:14) that sin had set up.

Through grace a deeper, sweeter relationship is formed because it is only God’s grace that could take us from the depths that our sin had caused, bring us through all the darkness and pain that sin had caused, and bring us  to Him.

Oh how marvelous is God’s grace!

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