He Came From Heaven to Earth


Below you will find the printables and daily blog post for this study ‘He Came From Heave to Earth’.

Week 1

Printables:  IntroductionStudy Plan and Study Guide
Day 1 What is Sin?
Day 2 What is God’s Law?
Day 3 What does sin do?
Day 4 Where did sin come from?
Day 5 What happened to the angels that sinned

Week 2
Printable: Study plan, Study Guide
Day 1 God created a perfect world
Day 2 Man Sinned
Day 3 The Consequence on man’s sin
Day 4 Jesus Stepped in

Week 3
Printable: Study plan, Study Guide
Day 1 The Mystery Revealed
Day 2 Mary and Joseph
Day 3 Not Fit for a King
Day 4 The Shepherds and The Magi
Day 5 God with Us