When we miss an opportunity to do something we often have regrets. It is even worse when it involves missing an opportunity to makes amends for a wrong done, to spend time with a loved one, to pursue a relationship with someone.

Regret is a thief.

It steals our joy, hope and sometimes will to live the life we were called to.

Regret come from the father of lies.

Let’s face it, none of us have lived perfect lives or made perfect choices all of the time. We have all done things we wish we would have done differently, especially when it seems like opportunities to “right those wrongs” will never come.

But, I tell you, regret is not something that we should be entertaining. If we do, we will find that we will live lives that hold no joy or peace.

It is true that we need to acknowledge where we went wrong, but we can’t let our past failures and shortcomings determine how we live presently or how we will live.

When regret comes to us, let us respond to it with faith, know that God knew all of our choices before we were even born, and He had a plan for them all.

If we failed to do something, say something, what ever it may have been,we is remember that God always knew our choices and in Him, through Him, all things will work out for good.

If we failed at parenting, we don’t have to let regret consume us. Take it to Jesus.

If we failed to be the spouse we should have and now it is too late because that spouse might have died, that that regret to Jesus.

What ever it is that we regret, let us take it to Jesus and in faith let us believe that ALL things will work together for good for us who love the Lord.

We can’t always see how God can give beauty for the ashes that remain from the destruction that we have caused.

But, He will!

God will cause all things will work out for good.

We need to believe.

And in believing God, let us give up all our regrets and accept God’s forgiveness and power to give us beauty for our ashes.

May God free us from the pain of regret so that we may live in His love and have peace and joy today.

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Focus on the Important Things


I have found myself reflecting on what is important in life.

I look around and see so many unhappy faces of men and women and children, and I ask myself why? Why are these people so unhappy?

Then I look and see some people whose lives look like they are so hard and these people are smiling and happy. And once again, I ask, why?

What makes the difference between the first group who are unhappy and the one which was?

You see, the first group had no hope and was focusing on the wrong things, while the other one was focusing on the important things.

What are the important things?

Some important things are doing  God’s will, spending time with family, and sharing His word with others.

When we focus on the important things we wouldn’t be bogged down with who said what, or who did what, or what people think about us.

We wouldn’t be focused on the negatives of life, but on all of the wonderful blessings that we have.

Isn’t it amazing what happens when we count our blessings?

So today, let us spend time focusing on the important things in life. Let us focus on the positives,  for it is only then that we can truly receive  the peace and joy that God desires us to have.

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