A Family that Prays Together, Stays Together

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family that prays

Join us in this weekly series dedicated to praying for families.

Praying for Ourselves

1. A Sin Offering For Me First

2. I Want to Bear Lots of Fruit

3. The Greatest of these is Love

4. Someone is Always Following our lead

5. You Don’t Have to See a Change.

Praying For Husbands

1. Making Prayer A Priority

2. As Christ is the Head

3. Who Is this Man?

4. Love Like Jesus Loves

5. The Cockroach and the Man

6. Not a thing to be GRASPED

7. Study Who Christ is

8. That He Will Stand!

9. Remove Every Fault Dear God

10. Bless Them Each Moment

 Praying for Wives

  1. Wives Submit Part 1
  2. Wives Submit Part 1
  3. A Wife’s Duty…to God
  4. Six Blessings of a Marriage Prayer Group
  5. My Husband Want Me to do Something I Believe is Wrong
  6. A Help Meet for Him
  7. I Don’t Nag…
  8. Standing in the gap

Praying for Parents

  1. Important Work of Parents
  2. Best Christmas Present a Parent Could Give

Praying for Fathers

  1. Present and Accounted For
  2. Teach You Boys So they Grow up to be Good Men
  3. This “Cycle” I have Set in Motion Is the Legacy I am Leaving

  4. Fathers respect mothers Part 1

  5. Fathers respect mothers Part 2

  6. Provoke not your Children to Wrath.

  7. Fathers Don’t Discourage Your Children

Praying for Mothers

  1. Motherhood is a blessing

  2. Accepting the Different Types of Mothers

  3. Mothers have Authority Too!

  4. Not Ruled by Emotions

  5. Mother’s Intuition??

Praying for Children

  1. Praying for Children

  2. Praying for Children’s Health 

  3. Obedience from Choice

  4. Strong to Lead

  5. Rooted and Grounded

  6. In The Ark of Safety

  7. Praying for Your Child’s Witness

Praying for Extended Family

  1. Praying for extended family 

  2. Praying for In-laws

  3. Praying for Our Church Family

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