Find Us Faithful

“Find Us Faithful”


This is a series where we look at how God has lead us in the past. Through these testimonies we hope to inspire others by the Christian witness that we leave behind us.

Click each title to read these testimonies

  1. Find Us Faithful
  2. My Redeemer is Faithful (Part 1)
  3. My Redeemer is Faithful (Part 2)
  4. My Redeemer is Faithful (Part 3)
  5. Is there more to life than this? (Part 1)
  6. There really is more to life than this! (part 2)
  7. If Not You, then Who?
  8. All I need
  9. Staring at The Son (part 1)
  10. Staring at the Son (part 2)
  11. The life so a Pastor’s Daughter (part 1)
  12. The Life of a Pastor’s Daughter Part 2
  13. Not Just a Church Thing
  14. God Saw Me Through (part 1)
  15. When God Saw Me Through (part 2)
  16. What has God done for me?
  17. What has God done for Me?
  18. If Not You Then Who?
  19. My Life Was Full of Broken Promises
  20. My Search for Love (part 1)
  21. My Search for Love (Part 2)
  22. Life Can Bring Joy out of Sorrow (part 1)
  23. Life Can Bring Joy out Of Sorrow. Part 2
  24. Don’t Be Afraid To Stand
  25. Peace on Earth….and good will at Goodwill
  26. I Once was Lost And Now I’m Found
  27. I once Was Lost and Now I’m Found (part 2)
  28. Frozen in an Icicle of Depression (part 1)
  29. Frozen in an Icicle of Depression (part 2)
  30. Frozen in and Icicle of Depression
  31. I Walked Today As Jesus Walked

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