Our Struggle is a Spritual One


People gossip. People slander. People do all manner of evil to us and those we love. People say all manner of things against us.

It happens at work, at church and at home.

Our reaction sometimes is one of amazement at how low people are willing to stoop.

Sometimes it is one of disappointment, especially if it comes from someone in church.

Others times our reaction is one of anger because of the destruction those people have caused to the lives of those who don’t deserve it.

But, (and I say this as a resounding but in hopes that we all will remember this fact) when we see people act the way the do, we are always to remember that though they are the source of hurt, pain, slander, that there is a greater force at work.

Our warfare in this life is not physical. Physical elements play a part in it. But ultimately we must remember that our warfare is spiritual.

When we accept this, then we can go to the Source of all spiritual strength- God. By gaining that strenght we are able to look at those people as God would have us see them- as lost and being used as instruments of unrighteousness ( Romans 6:13).

It is only then that we can truly follow Christ’s command:

Matthew 5:44 (KJV)

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;


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Raise the Standard

As a Christian, lowering our standards never draws the world to Christ. It only makes us more like the world.


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Love Can NEVER be Forced.

We can’t force anyone to love us. They must choose to do so.

Likewise, God cannot force anyone to love Him. They must choose to do so.

This is why God’s government can never be based on force. It is based on love and love can never be forced.

God, desiring to have creatures who love Him, made them free. But making them free meant that is carried the risk that His creatures would choose NOT to love Him.

And the record of this world is clear- the vast majority of people have chosen  it to follow God. But, even though most choose not to love Him, it has never and will never change His response to them. His response is always love, whether we choose to respond to love or not.

Christ, becoming a baby, living our life and then dying our death is the clearest demonstration of the love of God. He came to a world where He was to leave all the glories of heaven to become of the lowest of low. He was born, not in the comfort of a home, but among animals in a stable. He was ridiculed as being a bastard, he was slandered, his character maligned. He was hated and rejected and yet His love for us still lead Him to the cross to die for all of us, whether we chose to love Him or not.

Indeed God so loves the world! (John 3:16)

God is love. (1 John 4:8)

Love does not force (Zechariah 4:6, Romans 5:5)

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Wait for the Lord


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Parent Weekends Summer Break and What Are You Modelling for Your Child?


The Parenting Weekends scheduled for June have been postponed. We need to take an unexpected break for the summer. But we will be returning with the Parenting Weekends this fall.

The post below from Janis is a peak at the wonderful posts we have in store for you when our series returns.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the date we will be restarting.
Until then, we invite you to check out all the posts in our series HERE.

Your co-hosts Tanya and Lisa.

What Are you Modelling for Your Child?

by Janis Cox


There are days when you think none of the training you have done has made any impact on the lives of your children. There will always be those days, when children are over-tired, cranky or miserable or you are anxious, stressed or feeling unable to cope.

My advice as grandma would be to take a break – refocus on the positive.

But before all that happens children need to be trained in living well in your household.

Training and discipline in all parts of life are important to instill in your children.

Proverbs 22:6 (KJV)

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

One way we can do that is by modeling what we want them to learn. Here are some examples:

1. Don’t watch TV in front of your children if you don’t want them to think TV is the focal point of your life. The same is true for any type of media (except maybe books – both children and parents having a reading time is a good strategy)

2. Don’t eat in front of the TV. Instead have all family meals with everyone at the table at the same time so there can be focused conversation. A great resource for things to talk about at dinner is Dinner Talk – 365 Engaging Conversation Starters to Help You and Your Family Connect. Give each child talk time.

3. Don’t yell if you don’t want your children to yell

4. Do your housework and jobs with a joy on your face and in your heart – make it look fun and it will become fun. Your children will join you if you make everything you do – fun.

5. Speak in positive ways to your children, your friends, your spouse and even strangers. Encourage one another.

I have always loved Children Learn What They Live by Dorothy Law Nolte.

Doesn’t this remind you of what Jesus teaches us?

Here’s a short poem I wrote to remind me and you to stick with Jesus’ teachings.

Learn to love, Jesus said,

Commandments one and two.

Do unto others, He spoke,

As you want them to do to you.

As a parent try to live

How Jesus would want you to,

With love, joy and kindness

And your child will do this too.

What you show and how you act

Seeps into little souls.

They see, they listen and react

From now until they’re old.

Life learning skills you do impart

To those within your care

God gave them to you to watch o’er

To teach, to love, to share.

Watch what you do and what you say,

As little ones will soak

Every word and action that they see

Until they’re real old folk.


Are you careful not to forget to
 include your children in the dinner conversation?


Meet Janis Cox

Janis Cox is a faithful follower of Jesus. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, a sister and friend. Married to a wonderful husband, they have three grown children who are married; they have seven grandchildren.

She is a writer, watercolour artist and person who always is involved in doing something. She has her fingers in many pies – but all of them are delicious. A friend once told her that she saw a vision of her – with a whole bunch of coloured balloons and she tried to capture each one of them.

As a former public school teacher she loved to write poems for her kids. With this background she has now published her first illustrated children’s book, Tadeo Turtle.

You can find her on Facebook, and Twitter. Tadeo has his own Facebook Page.

Janis is a member of The Word Guild, Inscribe and American Christian Writers. She now does weekly podcasts for HopeStreamRadio. Her website is www.janiscox.com.

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