Children’s Camp August 1-6 2021

Click on the images to download the crafts for the day. When printing select fit to page and print on letter size paper.

Day 1 Crown Craft

Material: Crown template, scissors, glue, glitter, jewels, paints or crayons

Instructions: Print template on card stock. Cut out the template and stick the 3 pieces together. Paint and decorate. Cut along the dotted lines to make an adjustable crown or stick the ends together for a permanent size.

Crown Craft Page 1

Crown Craft Page 2

Crown Craft Page 3

Day 2 Fruits and Vegetables Collage
Materials: Fruit and vegetable template, construction paper/ crepe paper
in various colours, glue, glitter

Instructions: Print the template. Tear construction paper or crepe paper and glue to the page. Decorate with glitter.

Day 3 Paper Lantern
Materials: Lantern template, scissors, glue, paints and paint brush

Instructions: Cut along the vertical dotted line. This strip will be used for the handle for the lantern. Decorate the remaining paper. Fold paper in half, vertically so that the dotted lines run across the paper. Cut along the dotted lines and stop when you reach the solid black line. Unfold and glue the short edges together to form a tube. Attach the handle to the top of the paper lantern.

Day 4- Hand Shaped Cloud
Materials: sun template, blue paint/crayons, cotton wool, glue, black

Instructions: Paint/colour the paper blue to represent the sky and the sun. Trace your hand onto the template. Stick cotton wool over the hand pattern. Add glitter if you want.

Day 5- Miriam Watches Moses
Materials: River colouring page, crayons/ paints, glitter, glue,
construction/crepe paper

Instructions: Colour or paint the picture. tear construction paper or crepe paper and stick to various sections of the picture. Add glitter if necessary.

Day 6- 3 Hebrew Boys in Furnace
Materials: furnace template, glue, paints/ crayons, 12 once paper coffee
cup, cotton wool, card stock

Instructions:Print page 2 on card stock only. Colour and decorate the templates. Cut out the different pieces. Stick the page 1 template around the paper cup. Carefully cut along the solid line of the door. After the flames and 3 Hebrew boys have been cut out, cut along the centre black like and stop at the dotted line.. This will create 2 flaps. Fold these flaps in different directions.

Stick the cup, mouth down onto the card stock stones. Stick the fire inside the cup(furnace) through the opened door. Stick the 3 Hebrew boys either inside the cup (furnace) or outside the door.

Page 1 Hebrew Boys

Page 2 Hebrew Boys

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He Died Alone

Recently we received news that a member from church had to be rushed to the hospital for medical intervention. As we spoke to her family checking up on her well-being, we soon became aware that there were absolutely no visitors allowed in the hospital, including in the emergency department where patients who were in distress and might not be able to communicate vital information, were being treated. Though I had known of the restrictions in place at the hospital, the reality of it never fully became clear until this situation occurred.

Then, we received the sad news that a member of our church had passed away. For some, it was particularly hard because they could not visit her during her final days in the hospital.

This pandemic has been extremely hard on families facing medical treatment or admittance to hospitals. They are there alone. Sadly, many of them spend their last days alone, without any of their loved ones around for support and comfort. This is absolutely heartbreaking!

And in all of this sadness, my mind has also turned to someone else who died alone, tortured and derided.

Jesus had no earthly person to depend on.

All of the disciples fled at Christ’s arrest.

Worse still, one of them denied Him.


Abandoned by men…

He faced His final hours.

Oh what a sad day it was.

Yet, it was a glorious day! It was a day of victory!

Jesus had lived a sinless life and died as our sacrifice.

It was done.

Victory was won!


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