Love Sets us Free


A few days ago my family and I went on a drive through the country to visit a friend. We had a fun visit, but after it was over we headed on our way to visit someone else. When we had first begun the drive, I felt as though something stuck me. I looked down and thought to myself, “Maybe I placed my foot by a wire and got a little shock since it is an old car.”

The drive continued and I felt a stick again. I looked down at my foot and I saw a centipede! I screamed (I wont describe the screams), and I jumped backwards through the space between the front seats. Of course I was stopped in my tracks by the tug of the seatbelt. I unbuckled it is on swift motion and I was in the backseat and then out of the door. My husband hadn’t fully stopped the car yet. Some times I find that he reacts so slowly, after all, I had enough time to scream, unbuckle, get into the back seat and out the door on the driver side.

I shouted at the children to unbuckle and get out. They looked at me with an expression that said “Why is mommy making all of this fuss. It is only a centipede.”

I stood there with my heart racing and my body shaking like a leaf. I tightly held on to my clothes so they wouldn’t brush against my body mimicking the feel of that creature.

Everyone was finally out of the car and my husband was looking for that dreaded insect. I know that centipedes are great in the soil, but in my car they are the most feared and dreaded thing (well there are greatly feared no matter where they are).

Cars slowed and some stopped enquiring what the matter was. After hearing that it was only a centipede they all seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, for the sheer fear on my face had said that there was something more fearful going on.

A nice old gentleman stopped and luckily he had spray in his van. He came and sprayed the car for us and helped looked for the centipede.


My husband rolled the windows down after only a minute. If it was left to me the car would still be there with the windows up, but thankfully I wasn’t alone.

He begged me to get back into the car, but my answer was a vehement, “NO! It is still in there! I am not getting back in there. I am going to catch the bus.”

We were about 2 hours away from home via bus. I didn’t care. I couldn’t bear to get back in there. I was too afraid.

More than thirty minutes passed and we were still stopped on that long and lonely hill. Except for the wonderful people who stopped to enquire about our well-being, there were only trees around.

I walked up that lonely hill. The car with my family passed me by as my husband looked for somewhere safe to stop. When I reached around half way up the winding hill, my family was there by a shop. He had purchased spray and was in the process of spraying the car. He closed the car for a few minutes this time. Finally, we found it on his mat and it was quickly killed.

I got back into the car, still fearful. I sat as stiff as a board and said not a word. I was looking, praying, shaking and praying some more.

Oh how this experience reminded me of the text in 1 John 4:18

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

I was extremely afraid that day. I thought about how I felt about God and I couldn’t imagine trying to have a relationship with Him that was based on fear. I was so afraid that I couldn’t be anywhere around that car while the centipede was in there. I was doing everything not to get into that car, including walking up a long, lonely hill.

When we are afraid of God, we react just like I did. Fear causes us to run and hide and stay away.

When we are afraid of God, we run away from His arms of love that are seeking to wrap us up in a warm, loving embrace.

Let us stop running away from God in fear because He is love and there is no fear in love. We can’t have a great, healthy relationship with anyone that we are afraid of. God wants to have a relationship with us and He is showing us that He isn’t to be feared.

God loves us. He will never hurt us.

Let us come to Him and be sure that we are safe. There is no need for us to fear the One who has always loved us so much that He gave everything to save us.

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Bible Journal Free Printable

I posted recently that I began Bible Journaling and that I created a page so that they children and I would be able to do it together. If you missed that post you can go check out my first journal page.

Here is a copy of the journal page that we use.

Hope you are able to create many pages that inspire others.




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